Doing Nothing is the Best Medicine.

my favorite antidote to busyness

Sarah L. Harvey
1 min readApr 9, 2022


Photo by Юлія Вівчарик on Unsplash

snowflakes in april
a black jumpsuit
tied tight round my waist
saturday, the best day.

spaciousness leaks from the stems of 8am
time is my time again
expansion buds
curiosity sweeps through

doing nothing is the best medicine
my favorite antidote to busyness
to seep inside the tender strings of the moment
and let the page carry me
deeper inside
and further out there

bolted from my ordinary skin
into the shimmering blues and yellows
of the sky
with cosmos in my necklace
meandering through city streets
dancing on the saturn-like rings of my heart.

imagination in full swing.

it fuels every bone in my body
the shivery, dry spaces wake up
weary numbness replaced
with awe.

here, there is no such thing as boredom
only fresh surrealist landscapes
to explore.
the possibilities
stacked up in wild bouquets —
oh yes, the possibilities

i n f i n i t e.

Sarah L. Harvey, MA, LCMHCA, is a writer, poet, & child, adolescent & family therapist who believes creativity is magical. She loves cats, tea, and being immersed in nature. In 2020, she published a book called Your Broken Heart is Art. You can find it on Amazon.



Sarah L. Harvey

Writer, poet, lover of nature. Therapist. Tender heart. Wild soul. My publication is Dream It Up.