It used to be a curse, now it’s my superpower

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How do we get back to the feeling?
I crave the raw seas that live in my chest
Bring me back to that tenderness
It used to be a curse
Now it’s my superpower.

How do we cross the labyrinths
Of our well-meaning analytical mind
The swords that divide
And meet in the place that vibrates and shimmies
The place that disappears into fog and flirts with budding treetops
The place that kisses us breathless and melts our existence deeper than skin?

Back to feeling Emotions vivid like a burst of sunrise Sensations speak all that words cannot Climbing long…


Cultivating acceptance and self-love

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I planted hundreds of flowers today.

I also had hundreds of thoughts while my fingers dug deep in the dirt. Some of them were helpful. Some of them not so much.

Thoughts folded into sensations. The sensations held stories that live in my cells. Muscles. Bones.

It’s so visceral, the way memories stay with us.

But slowly, I am peeling away the wallpaper edges of old pain stories that were true once, but not anymore.

Heartbreak, feeling lost, dizzy, anxious, taken advantage of, being used, incredibly hurt.

“Oh yes, I remember,” says my body. “How could I forget?”

And in a singular moment of nearly overwhelming self-compassion, tears come…

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Time shatters

I gently bite your lip
And look at you —
There is only you
And me
And this moment.
We embrace
Not in the fantasy of candlelight
But in the truth of daybreak, at naked midnight
On tough, shitty afternoons
And clear sapphire skies
In the rain that life pours
Because sometimes it just hurts
To be human.
A fragile kaleidoscope
Of pain and joy and loss and beauty.

It’s so tender, isn’t it, my love? I like what you said The other day — We don’t have to cry alone anymore. We don’t have to hold burdens In tightly…

don’t hold back

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

your lips
guide me past passion
as we wade into waters
that are deep, infinite, and healing.
the waves taste salty-sweet
as you look at me
in the most caring way.
you tell me
i’m your priority
you tell me
my needs matter
you listen
and damn, that’s sexy.

take my hand, lover
feel it all
don’t hold back
i want to witness
every part of you
and i wonder
what it is like
to let go in your arms
surrender completely to pleasure
in this jeweled sea
we create together.

knee-deep in frothy waters, i play with the idea…

Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

coming up for air
i feel an imprint of sun
and twirl my hair
the breeze tastes like
coconut and paradise
i lick the salt
from our sweaty lips
hands clasped, fingers braided tightly together
it doesn’t get better than this.

slow motion kisses
freeze frame the frantic pace of life
that gets so ingrained.
a canvas of sapphire sky above
now, panic evaporates
and smiles become more real.

enjoy time, enjoy life, enjoy each other — what a novel idea instead of rushing through the hours and collapsing at the end of the day i’d like to feel…

A poem


Winds of change blow ever so slightly. I’m back here again. Feet on solid ground, but there is movement swirling in the air.

Another transition. I can’t quite name it yet. But the words hang on the tip of my tongue. The structure looks familiar, I know these old bones: tension, shedding skin, rawness, and becoming anew.

It’s not that I’m becoming anything different, no…it’s deeper, more subtle than that. It feels like remembering the depths of who I am and finding fresh courage to live it.

And oh, how the air is warm. Sweet. Forgiving. Mild.

And that is…

A poem

Photo by visualsofdanaon Unsplash

today, the inspiration
is thick like smoke
i sit outside
under a canopy of birdsong
and dance in the magic.
silhouettes of trees turn into new planets
creativity sparkles in confetti tones
oh, sweet time and space
to breathe fuel into my soul
and exhale onto the page
no overthinking, no people-pleasing.
hearing my heart —
how golden.
i need this
i have always needed this.

a parade of colors at sunset bursts me wide open i feel it all and know i am home in these raw oceans of emotion in otherworldly hues of soft and strong tender and…

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

fresh life
lemon zest
fertile ground lurks within
the places you thought were broken and ugly
statues of tenderness, bitter yards of betrayal
highways of heartbreak
now grow wildflowers
and daisies.
inhale sweet perfume —
fragrant petals in the wind.

i don’t know how it’s possible
this alchemy.
but the earth does
it all so effortlessly.

ask her run into the arms of an overgrown forest disconnect from cords and tech linger for a long time in the pauses dance with the sun fill up your lungs and make a shape with your lips turned upward a smile secret joy…

Sarah L. Harvey

Writer, poet, lover of truth & nature. Elephant Journal author. Cat lady. Tender heart.

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